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Ah, the California desert. It had been too long. No, really, way too long. Read more... )
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Cont: from this thread

Well, that made things simpler. Now Anika realized what those occasional faint 'silent spots' that resonated down the clairvoyant thread that attached her to Oni had been. Because as soon as Oni had gone to wherever she was, the thread simply ended. It didn't rip, there was no sudden tear, it just - stopped.

At least Ani wouldn't have to answer to the neighbors she thought as she got the massage table out again, spreading first the plastic sheet and then the linen cloth over it after she set it up in the middle of the small livingroom floor. A trip to the SUV to get her travel med-kit, and the doctor was back in her living room and snapping on a new pair of nitrile gloves even as Oni was dragging her battle-weary companion back in from wherever they had been. And as soon as she was back, the psychic thread between her and her longtime garou sister-friend was back as well, as strong and bright as ever.

Yes, he was tall. And dark haired. That was about all she could see, at least until she got the blanket off him that he'd wrapped around his shoulders.

"Yes, I'm a doctor. And no, you aren't in my debt" Ani caught sight of the wound and her eyes widened. "But you will be. So sit down on that table, and take - no wait. Just sit there. Oni, make him sit there, I'll get my scissors. I don't want him moving that arm." Turning her head away, Dr Nuttal mouthed the words 'Holy hell!" to Onida and blinking before her face resettled into that distant, professional doctor's mask that she wore as she continued to speak to her newest patient.

"Yes, scissors. You can buy a new suit shirt later, but I need to stitch that up and I'm not about to twist a broken arm to get it off you. Hmmm, I've seen a wound like this before... no matter. If you break that table, you buy it, got that? And hold still. This will probably hurt."
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Professional friendships, Professional relationships, Romantic situations, psl's, (with discussion)
Rape is out, death, dismemberment.

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Aug. 31st, 2015 04:13 am
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HISTORY: Born on Victoria Island, Lagos Nigeria, AnikaAmadi Nuttal was the daughter of a private music teacher and an operating room equipment contractor.  As a young child she traveled on several business trips with her father, and Anika-Amadi saw a lot of what what would happen with a country at war with itself; General Sani Abacha's violent military coup in 1993 and his paid army laid waste to both the land and the people to quell unrest in the surrounding civilian populace. She swore she'd find a way to heal what war and disease have torn apart. Not just in her country; but if she could, throughout the world. Fortunately for her and her family, they had amassed the right contacts and enough funds to emigrate to the United States in 1992, where she grew up in a close-knit household close to the oceans her mother loved so much.

Growing up in Glouchester MA, Anika, her parents and her younger brothers lived on Bass ave, literally minutes from the white sands of Good Harbor Beach.  Her father, who was a Boston native, would take her (and eventually her brother's as well) up to Nashoba Valley Ski Resort in the winter to go skiing, leaving her mother (who didn't care much for New England winters) home.

Together the family attended St Johns Episcopal Church, where her mother played piano and harpsichord.  Anika learned to play piano at her mother's knee, entering the Yamaha Regional contest at age 10 and getting third place for her age group in the Massachusetts State championships. Unlike her mother however, music was not Anika's passion.  Running was.  And swimming.  The mountains, the ocean.  She was active in track and field activities in grade school, added Lacross to her list of loves when she got into eighth grade, and took lifesaving classes at Good Harbor Beach the summer before she went into Highschool.  All though her school years Anika-Amadi would walk out to Salt Island, a small sand/rock island off the coast and then practice swimming the 350 yard distance back once the tide came in.  She also graduated from riding her brother's dirt bikes to riding an old, 3rd-hand Suzuki that she bought, completely against her mother's wishes.  With her father's help she rebuilt it, painted it red, and got her license by the time she graduated high school.  During her junior and senior years, she became a Mountain Search and Rescue volunteer member, as well as a volunteer with the Red Cross. 

She took a year off after high school, first participating with a number of other students from the New England areas in a combined 6-month long group trip to the Congo, paid for by her church .  The group specialized in sending young adults with medical and missionary interests and backgrounds to assist various missionary-sponsored traveling hospitals around the country.  When she returned home Anika took EMT courses, got her NREMT certification and got certified as an EMT Basic in Massachusetts.  The following September, she began taking pre-med courses at Boston UMASS.  Her graduation present helped fund the next bike she bought, once she got to California.  

As an adult Anika-Amadi transferred from Boston UMASS to to take up her studies at the David Geffin School of Medicine in UCLA in addition to working on an EMT crew at the Catalina Island Medical Center in Avalon Ca, (Catalina Island) .  A victim of a kidnapping gone awry, Ani was rescued by a group of fera led by Onida Gerard, who eventually became a friend and confidant.  At an out-of-the-way mechanic's shop in the Frisco area, she ended up buying a failed experiment; a suped-up bright red motorcycle, and started learning how to play pool at some of the edge of town pool halls and biker joints.  At one of these bars, she met Mike Smith, an independent biker and all around bad-ass, who harbored deep secrets of his own. 

Anika is a survivor of the 'plague' that ripped through certain isolated communities in California several years back.  In all actuality, it was not a plague, but Reapers; a certain breed of vampire.  The small hospital was overrun with them, and only the intervention of a number of very powerful changing breeds kept Anika, some other staff members, and a few patients from falling victim to the Reaper's hunger.  She began dating Mike after he helped rescue her from the massed attack. They broke up a roughly two years later. 

Once she completed her medical studies, Anika chose instead to remain in California for a while for the experiences it offered. After Med school, she took an internship at the Medical Security Centre for another few years.

From California, she moved to Cohasset MA and began working for the Boston Children's Hospital's Dana Farber Institute, specializing in rare cancers and blood disorders in children; and their treatment through stem cell transplants.  She also works in analyzing the results and assists with certain clinical trials for new treatments. 

 In her spare time she volunteers as a girl-scout troop leader and has gotten involved with one of the New England charity groups, specializing in aiding children who've lost limbs due to illness or injury.  
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Name: Anika-Amadi Moremi Nuttal (Anika = Gracious, merciful. Amadi = General Rejoicing)
Birthplace: Victoria Island, Lagos Lagoon in Nigeria
Residence: Gloucester Massachusetts, USA
Age: 31
Occupation: Medical Doctor
Marital Status: Single
Sexual Orientation: Openly Hetero, closet curious. 
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brownish/hazel
Weight: 141 lbs
Language: English, Yoruban (spoken at home), French

Religious Affiliation: Christian
Hero/Villain-Type Affiliation: White Hat
Race: Homosuperior
Fandom: OC/MARVEL XMen-verse

Athletic Skills: Former HS Coed Track and Field member; former Girls Varsity Lacrosse Team member, skier, former Mountain Search and Rescue Volunteer member; Certified Emergency Medical Technician - Intermediate. She no longer skies however she still swims, dives and goes sailing when possible. She also still goes running when time permits.

Artistic Skills: piano and acoustic guitar player - skilled amateur, calligrapher

Special mutant Ability: Touch-activated Clairvoyance (aka psychic magnetism) - the ability to concentrate on a certain person and be able to find them. Any one she physically touches via skin to skin contact, Anika then is able to locate them in the future, anywhere they may be. She calls it 'threads' that connect her to the people she has known and touched. The simplest skin-on-skin contact has been known to activate this, so Anika keeps covered up in public, and she always wears gloves. The more contact, the thicker the thread, the easier she can find them in her mind, or locate them on a map. As an adult, Anika has even known to sense certain and feelings, emotions through that psychic connection.  When someone dies that she has touched, the thread either fades away, cuts, or burns - all causing physical sensation.

PB for the character: Davina Mulimbi

Unusual Habits: Ani keeps covered up any time she is in a public place, and she ALWAYS wears gloves. Leather gloves, velvet gloves, even nitrite hospital gloves if she has to. She will take them off to eat, or when she is alone or around trusted friends (people she has already shared some sort of contact with, either through hand contact, or hugs, etc.) There are exceptions to his, but she tries hard to maintain some distance between her skin and that of other humans.    She also wears a slender silver chain that hangs down below the collar of her shirts.  On  the chain is a stylized silver fish pendant with the word love written on it, and a small, ornate silver snowflake.  She wears the fish instead of a cross, because as a doctor she chooses not to wear a symbol of suffering; not even for her faith.  And the snowflake was a gift.  

*joke* A Doctor, a Girl Scout Troop Leader and a virgin walk into a bar to play pool... Yes, she really did. That was Anika.

Mother: Akanke Nuttal, Music Teacher. 
Father: Jackson Nuttal, Medical Equipment Contractor and Technician. 
Brothers: Derek Ajani Nuttal, Lucian Aren Nuttal,


Aug. 31st, 2015 03:17 am
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Dr AnikaAmadi Nuttal
just2hands @ dreamwidth.org

"This is Dr Nuttal. I'm not in right now, please leave a message after the beep...
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Dr Anika-Amadi Nuttal / Original Character / Marvel XMen Universe / Allignment: Saint
1. Character Bio: http://just2hands.dreamwidth.org/25666.html (still under construction)
2. Writing Sample: http://just2hands.dreamwidth.org/22622.html#cutid1
3. RP Sample: http://tenebrae-nostro.livejournal.com/513501.html#comments
4. Character Profile: http://just2hands.dreamwidth.org/25452.html
5. Anika will be retaining most of her previous history, with the exception of characters she used to RP with who are coming in with a clean slate.
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NPR (Mike)| [personal profile] nopreyremains.
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She knew it, had known it the last time she went in to speak with Elise and her parents. Had known it when, in the privacy of the girl's room, Anika stripped off a glove and held Elise's hand, then brushed the hair up off her forehead, comforting her and strengthening the bond between the two of them. A thread of touch-enabled clairvoyance, from the doctor to the patient. When she told Elise that, no matter what happened, she would be there, inside Dr Nuttal's heart, and stay there for always. She had known it, even though the child was too tired, too sick to hug her back.

And Anika knew it this morning when she woke at 2:21 AM, feeling the cord just fade away.

Elise was gone.

Anika had gotten out of bed then, lit a candle in her room, and knelt down to pray for the child, for each of the children that she could not save. The list continued to grow, and it seemed that even with all the new research coming available these days - even now - there was only so much known about certain rare childhood hematologic disorders and disease. It's why she kept making trips to Boston, to the Dana Farber/Boston Chldren's Cancer and Blood Disorder Center.

It's why she slept at the office, haunted the labs, compiled lists of medical texts and tests.

Anika's phone began to ring, but she ignored it. They were calling to tell her that Elise had passed away. Well, she already knew that. Anika continued to pray for a time, then stood up and turned on the light to her room. She blew out the candle and began a slow, methodical search for a clean pair of scrubs. It was going to be another long day.


The hospital coffee shop wasn't the best place to get coffee, but with the weather as bad as it was, there was no way that Anika wanted to walk all that way to get to Dunkin Donuts. So hospital coffee shop it was. She stood in line, waiting patiently, then realized while standing right in front of the server on the other side of the counter that she'd forgotten all her cash in her coat, up in the doctors' lounge. Oh, this was just perfect.
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Dancing barefoot on glass shards would be easier than coming home some days. The bizarre thing was that no one actually had to be home at the time, and the feelings would still be there, emotions weighing down the apartment like someone had changed the gravity under the carpets. The tension was so think that it was hard to breathe, and Anika had actually started holding her breath from the front door to the time she made it to her room. If someone was there, she'd wave as she went by, her eyes downward, her shoulders hunched against an invisible weight as she made a bee-line to her bedroom.

Ani could breath when she got to her room, and she did, as soon as the door was closed. She would lean against it, taking in huge gulps of air, letting out spent oxygen that she'd held from the time she unlocked the front door. It was only then that she would strip off her hat, her jacket and scarf. Her sweater and turtle-neck shirt under that, allowing her arms to be blessedly free at last. And finally came her gloves.

Out there it was no longer a battlefield of emotions, it was more like a cold war. In her room it was peaceful. Out there? She could walk by and accidentally become one side or another of a feuding faction - or at the least she would end up as a civilian casualty. In here? In here she could try to forget the stress that was tearing her family apart. And she would wonder to herself for the hundredth time, why the hell she bothered coming home at all. She'd always been able to lose herself in her work before, pushing her body and mind to the edges of exhaustion, but succeeding in pushing away the pain and sorrow, the chaos of her personal world.

Now though? She found herself leaving her office or the lab only an hour or so after everyone else had gone. She found herself home at night instead of sleeping on the couch in the sleep lab. Why she came home, she didn't know. Most times she'd end up back here in her room. But she was here. That counted, right? Here if or when her family needed her.

Only this time she wasn't sure that they actually did need her at all. Neph was gone most of the time. Logan was - oh Logan. If she could have gotten away with saying beaten and bruised on the inside, she would have. But that was a professional opinion. Ashley didn't come around often, and when he did it was to glower and ask after Nephele. Onida was here, then gone, then visiting with her new, strange companions, then gone again.

Ani hurt for all of them, and felt helpless to help any of them. And she felt so alone, stuck on the outside, with no one to talk to. Talk to? Hell, no one to listen to either. And for the life of her, she couldn't understand why she felt the need to have to be home, when no one else bothered. And where she, and everyone else, felt so lost and miserable.
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There are REASONS I haven't had a drink in years. This is only one of them.

[Also, an explanation of Anika's gift of clairvoyance, in her own words]
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[She's in the middle of writing, when suddenly her head jerks up, and her eyes widen.]

He's back on land? He's here! And [She breathes in swiftly.] And he's with Ashley. Their threads are so close!

No. I'm not going to call either of them. I'm not going to call him, I'm not going to ask about him. I'm not, I refuse, I'm not...

[She leaves a message on the kitchen table for Logan, or Nephele, or those two female friends of Logans, or Ashley if he comes by, or the washing mashine repair guy for that matter.]

I'm going on a bike ride. A long one. Do not expect me home for dinner.
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Well, I almost had a date. And I do have a phone number. And he made me laugh.

It's a start, right?
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Moving away from the west coast was hard, moving this close to family - and not allowing myself to reach out and let them know I was alive - is harder. And knowing what happened to Los Angeles and all of those innocent people, all of those lives destroyed was hardest of all. Lives gone, threads broken...
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Nephele | [personal profile] allovertheplace.
Logan(James)| [personal profile] sixthehardway.
Ashley | [personal profile] corporatewolf
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‚óŹ AnikaAmadi Nuttal | [personal profile] just2hands

http://wayswithwords.dreamwidth.org/1323301.html?thread=76462885#cmt76462885 Drinking with Selene, also an explanation of her gift in Anika's own words

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AnikaAmadi Nuttal

Biography: here and here.
Writing sample: over here
Threading sample: This one with many thanks to the writer of Sloane Fiarcha.
Anika will be retaining most of her previous history, with the exception of characters she used to RP with who are coming in with a clean slate.

Amarante Legarde

Biography: Here, and here.
Writing sample: found here
Threading sample: This one with many thanks to the writers of Artivunambi & Linette St Paul.
Amarante will be coming in as a new character, unless anyone has a character that they feel would know her previously. Please PM me for plot bunnies etc.


Oct. 1st, 2012 04:14 pm
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*coming to a realization*
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Keep your eyes closed and just listen to the sound of his breathing; his body curled up against your back with his breath washing over the back of your neck. It moves your hair, and it tickles against the skin. Read more... )
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