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Name: Anika-Amadi Moremi Nuttal (Anika = Gracious, merciful. Amadi = General Rejoicing)
Birthplace: Victoria Island, Lagos Lagoon in Nigeria
Residence: Gloucester Massachusetts, USA
Age: 31
Occupation: Medical Doctor
Marital Status: Single
Sexual Orientation: Openly Hetero, closet curious. 
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brownish/hazel
Weight: 141 lbs
Language: English, Yoruban (spoken at home), French

Religious Affiliation: Christian
Hero/Villain-Type Affiliation: White Hat
Race: Homosuperior
Fandom: OC/MARVEL XMen-verse

Athletic Skills: Former HS Coed Track and Field member; former Girls Varsity Lacrosse Team member, skier, former Mountain Search and Rescue Volunteer member; Certified Emergency Medical Technician - Intermediate. She no longer skies however she still swims, dives and goes sailing when possible. She also still goes running when time permits.

Artistic Skills: piano and acoustic guitar player - skilled amateur, calligrapher

Special mutant Ability: Touch-activated Clairvoyance (aka psychic magnetism) - the ability to concentrate on a certain person and be able to find them. Any one she physically touches via skin to skin contact, Anika then is able to locate them in the future, anywhere they may be. She calls it 'threads' that connect her to the people she has known and touched. The simplest skin-on-skin contact has been known to activate this, so Anika keeps covered up in public, and she always wears gloves. The more contact, the thicker the thread, the easier she can find them in her mind, or locate them on a map. As an adult, Anika has even known to sense certain and feelings, emotions through that psychic connection.  When someone dies that she has touched, the thread either fades away, cuts, or burns - all causing physical sensation.

PB for the character: Davina Mulimbi

Unusual Habits: Ani keeps covered up any time she is in a public place, and she ALWAYS wears gloves. Leather gloves, velvet gloves, even nitrite hospital gloves if she has to. She will take them off to eat, or when she is alone or around trusted friends (people she has already shared some sort of contact with, either through hand contact, or hugs, etc.) There are exceptions to his, but she tries hard to maintain some distance between her skin and that of other humans.    She also wears a slender silver chain that hangs down below the collar of her shirts.  On  the chain is a stylized silver fish pendant with the word love written on it, and a small, ornate silver snowflake.  She wears the fish instead of a cross, because as a doctor she chooses not to wear a symbol of suffering; not even for her faith.  And the snowflake was a gift.  

*joke* A Doctor, a Girl Scout Troop Leader and a virgin walk into a bar to play pool... Yes, she really did. That was Anika.

Mother: Akanke Nuttal, Music Teacher. 
Father: Jackson Nuttal, Medical Equipment Contractor and Technician. 
Brothers: Derek Ajani Nuttal, Lucian Aren Nuttal,

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