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When it comes to getting the slivers and pieces of silver out of a very much owie Oni, (*shakes fist at Aiden*) what Neph's typist and I had discussed was this, and I would like to know if it is feasible to others who also are in the thread.

Neph's gift deals with metals; Anika's gift is finding things. If they kept Oni's insides from becoming outsides on the ride home (Thank you Linette for the tongue-healing) and Ashley for driving because I think that Anika would have been in the back with Logan, keeping an eye on her patient.

Once at the house - has anyone ever heard of a lapriscopy? That is basically what I think Anika would have thought of. Unfortunately this involves silver as well (SORRY ONI).

The way I see it, logically? Hook her up to a bag of antibiotics and saline solution. Linette's licking might have been able to heal a lot of the areas, so that the blood doesn't spurt out all much over everyone while this is going on.

Bright lights. Lots of them.
Flat, clean surface (a table or bed will do) a bench or a massage table or something that they can lean over would be better.
Alcohol: For Logan. And possibly Ashley, and Han, and everyone. Including Oni.
Tubing - gold. Prob about one half or smaller the size of a straw. Unless I am off, perhaps Neph can create something out of some old jewelry or something? Or we can get a metal tube from... somewhere! as long as it's thin, and small, and hollow.
Aspirin or stronger: For Onida, the patient; and Anika who's already got a massive migraine growing.
And Silver wire or something that can be made into silver wire. Ouch and I know. This is again where Neph's gift comes in.

What Anika is planning to do is to take that silver (chain, ring, whatever) and ask neph to turn it into a wire. very long, very thin and able to go through the gold or copper tube(gold would probably be best because its been used on people before without a lot of ill effects) to the other side and stick out slightly. Anika can tell her exactly how far (down the the milimeter) and exactly which direction to send the small strand of silver. The silver wire would then act like a small scalpel or laser to cut through Oni's organs, bi-passing certain essential organs to reach the shards and pieces that Aiden had placed in; pieces that may have had already had their entrance wounds healed. The gold would then surround the rest of the wire, keeping it from continuing to hurt Oni while they continue their surgery on her.

Using the silver wire, Neph can then touch the other silver piece, change it and pull it up and into the gold tubing and out of the body without hurting Oni any further. And as the tube is pulled out of one section of her insides, it can be heated up to cauterize the wound that the silver wire had created.

Painful? Yep. Bloody? Mmm, yep. Messy and colorful and kind of smelly what with the blood and the viscera? OH YEA. Effective? If I have a decent grasp on Neph's gifts and Anika's? I think it would be.

Suggestions? Criticisms? Complaints?
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