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Ah, the California desert. It had been too long. No, really, way too long.

Anika had taken the softtop down on her rental jeep, and as far as she was concerned, the sky was the limit. Or actually, any place was the limit after the medical convention she'd just had to deal with in San Fransisco. Now granted, San Fran was no where even near Los Angeles which was a good thing. Even thinking of that city and the plague of undead she'd dealt with was near enough to give Ani hives.

But now the convention was over, and she had two more days until she had to give back the jeep and fly out. Two more whole days, she thought to herself. Go parasailing? Boating again? No, not this time. This time, since she hadn't been able to bring her motorcycle along (or drive it across country) Dr Nuttal had decided on hitting the desert once more, and just taking the jeep out on the dunes,miles from the highway, far from humanity.

After all, she wouldn't be able to get lost, even if she tried.

Slowing her jeep to a halt on top of a dune, Anika sat in the driver's seat, staring out at the sun setting in the west. The sky was a brilliant collage of pinks, golds, orange and purples, and the sun was just a half-disk on the horizon. And behind her, in the East, the very first stars were already beginning to show.

It was the perfect time for peace, for contemplation, for

"What the hell?" There was a huge flash of light behind her, and a rumble that sent the sand skittering under the tires of the jeep. Earthquake! "Oh god!" The world lurched, the jeep slid sideways, and Ani slammed her head against the metal bar of the roll-cage. A cloud of dust came up and enveloped the vehicle and it's driver and weakly Ani tried to wave it away while coughing, blinking her eyes.

"Oh, oh my head." Oh god, what the hell happened? Anika looked from one side to the other, trying to see out the rear-view mirrors, but her vision was still blurred. Trembling fingers reached for the latch, opened the jeep door. On unsteady legs Dr Nuttal climbed out of the jeep and - still holding on to the frame - turned to see what the hell kind of bomb had gone off behind her.

No. No way. A plane had gone down, had crashed out there in the desert! She could see the metal gleaming gold in the brilliant sunset. Gold and silver crushed wreckage lay behind her, and a thick black smoke slowly rose into the sky from the main assembly. Without a second thought the young doctor climbed back into the jeep. After a couple tries to get the key into the ignition Ani was spinning the steering wheel and spinning the jeep, and spinning around to head toward the crash to see if she could assist any survivors.

The closer she got to the crash however, the more she came to realize that it was no plane, not even a small one. What on earth had come down, a satellite? An observation - something? Finally the human stopped the jeep and just stared, not believing what her eyes were showing and her mind was trying to convince her of.

She couldn't call it what it was, didn't want to call it what it was. It had to be an experimental military plane, it just had to! Because the alternative was unthinkable.

She spoke to herself as Ani carefully opened the door and stepped out of the jeep. "Anika, you don't want to do this, you really shouldn't do this. Dammit, I've watched this scene in Independence Day, and I am no Will Smith. I am gonna get my ass killed."

"Hello?" Oh that was stupid, she thought. As if aliens speak English, right? But then again...

"Hello? Is anyone in there?"
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