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Keep your eyes closed and just listen to the sound of his breathing; his body curled up against your back with his breath washing over the back of your neck. It moves your hair, and it tickles against the skin. Keep your eyes closed and feel the heat from his body as you are spooned against his chest, little spoon to big. The hair on his arm tickles as well against your waist and the arm itself is heavy and hard even in slumber as it's draped down across your side to your stomach and presses you to him. There is even some sweat starting, where his flesh presses against yours and raises your body heat. Keep your eyes closed, enjoy the warmth while you have it. Your feet are curled in, pressing against his lower legs, and even in sleep you can feel that part of him pressed against your butt-cheek. He's not hard by any means, not right now. But you know how that feels as well, and if you moved just right, shifted your hips back and forth just enough? He'd begin to rise to the occasion, sleeping or not.

If you were facing the other way you could feel his heart beat against your cheek. If you were facing the other way, the loose tendrils from his long, heavy braid of hair would drape across your nose and make you want to sneeze, because his braid always seems to find it's way to drape over your body. If you were facing the other way, his hand would be curled around your back and you'd be cuddling him close, nuzzling against his neck and wanting to kiss that skin, decorated with swirls of color. The tattoos stretch over his shoulders, down his arms. Down his chest, each one that you could trace with your fingers or your tongue. And if you did that? Lengthy as he was in sleep, he would grow longer. Harder. Those lashes would slowly blink open and eyes dark as the black ocean depths would focus on you, his body would cover your own, over you and inside you until there was only your back pressing the sheets and him. Everywhere him.

So no, no turning around. No rolling over, not even to nuzzle. Not even to kiss.

And whatever you do? Don't open your eyes. Make it last, make it real. Don't open your eyes.

Because when you do? He won't be there.
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