Mar. 15th, 2017

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Well, that made things simpler. Now Anika realized what those occasional faint 'silent spots' that resonated down the clairvoyant thread that attached her to Oni had been. Because as soon as Oni had gone to wherever she was, the thread simply ended. It didn't rip, there was no sudden tear, it just - stopped.

At least Ani wouldn't have to answer to the neighbors she thought as she got the massage table out again, spreading first the plastic sheet and then the linen cloth over it after she set it up in the middle of the small livingroom floor. A trip to the SUV to get her travel med-kit, and the doctor was back in her living room and snapping on a new pair of nitrile gloves even as Oni was dragging her battle-weary companion back in from wherever they had been. And as soon as she was back, the psychic thread between her and her longtime garou sister-friend was back as well, as strong and bright as ever.

Yes, he was tall. And dark haired. That was about all she could see, at least until she got the blanket off him that he'd wrapped around his shoulders.

"Yes, I'm a doctor. And no, you aren't in my debt" Ani caught sight of the wound and her eyes widened. "But you will be. So sit down on that table, and take - no wait. Just sit there. Oni, make him sit there, I'll get my scissors. I don't want him moving that arm." Turning her head away, Dr Nuttal mouthed the words 'Holy hell!" to Onida and blinking before her face resettled into that distant, professional doctor's mask that she wore as she continued to speak to her newest patient.

"Yes, scissors. You can buy a new suit shirt later, but I need to stitch that up and I'm not about to twist a broken arm to get it off you. Hmmm, I've seen a wound like this before... no matter. If you break that table, you buy it, got that? And hold still. This will probably hurt."
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